Rd 4 NW Farm is comprised of 418.80 +/- total acres all under circle irrigation systems. The property is located approximately 7 miles Southwest of Quincy, Washington in Grant County, off Rd 4 NW.

There are two home sites. One home-site has been partitioned off. The other home-site, a 2,400 +/- sq. ft. home with three bedrooms, three baths and a two car garage, will be included in the sale.

The area climate is typically dry and warm with abundant water provided through Federal Water Rights from the Columbia Basin Project. Federal water is provided from late March to the end of October. This is water that is reliable, clean and economically acceptable for farm operations that include orchard grass, peas, beans, alfalfa, wheat, Timothy hay and the ever increasing development of apple orchards and wine grape vineyards.

Circles irrigating the property include two seven tower, one five tower and one three tower Zimmatic’s that range in age from 1997 to 2002. All are in good condition with updating being conducted by the current tenant.

Rd 4 NW Farm is contiguous with the Quincy Lakes Wildlife Area, a 15,266 acre protected habitat that high- lights the many layers of exposed basalt in towering cliffs, isolated mesas, stair stepped benches, box canyons and several potholes filled with water that seeps from the adjacent highly productive farmland of the Quincy Basin.

This farmland has been priced as orchard development ground which is highlighted by various topographical features conducive to orchard use.

The arid climate, volcanic soils and plentiful water supply are critical to successful and consistent planting of both orchards and vineyards. Rd 4 NW Farm is geographically positioned to provide excellent new development ground to either the corporate or individual orchard grower concept.

Rd 4 NW Farm is offered at $5,450,000  ($13,013.37 per acre).

For additional information, please contact Benjamin Sinner, (509) 524-0400 or Andy O’Shea, (425) 422-3642.

Location of this farm.