Benjamin Sinner

SUMMARY:  Founder, Benjamin Sinner is an accomplished and trusted real estate professional with over 44 years of experience in agricultural, corporate, commercial business management, leasing and marketing with a focused emphasis on wine properties since 2000.

His previous experience as President / CEO of a nationally recognized corporate real estate company provided the basis for a wide variety of experience and understanding relating to commercial property issues and risks.

Ben’s specialty is management, development and real estate brokerage. A creative experienced professional with a comprehensive understanding of company and client objectives resulting in profitable performance.

Raised in an agricultural equipment manufacturing / distribution environment, Ben gained a thorough understanding of successful multi-crop production and marketing throughout the Western United States, Canada, Australia, and other international markets.

Transitioning back to agricultural real estate, after a lengthy corporate real estate career, was a natural return to a “love of all things agriculture.”

Contact:    (509) 524 0400