770 +/- CRP & Development Acres

Located a close 10 minutes from Walla Walla, is this very unique investment opportunity available for your consideration.

Walla Walla County is known world-wide for its great farmland, land that historically produces wheat and other grain crops at very high yields per acre.

More recently Walla Walla County has become even better known for the marvelous wine grapes produced in a variety of soils throughout the region.  Wine grapes leading Washington to its current success as a renowned wine region, second only to Napa Valley in California.

Search for successful vineyards in the region and you most likely will discover that productive land was previously planted to wheat, barley or other grains grown in this spectacular farm region, a place where over 160 wineries co-exist and thrive at the foot of the beautiful Blue Mountains.

Thanks to sellers with vision, this 770 +/- acre property now affords the opportunity to not only farm wheat or grow grapes but the skill and experience of the owner, a most successful residential builder & developer, has provided added value in the form of three individual 40 +/- acre parcels with gorgeous home site locations surrounded by the valley and Blue Mountain beauty.

The best case scenario is to own the entire property and build your own estate farm.  That said, why not share the opportunity with a few other like-minded folks seeking the peace, quiet and stunning beauty of Walla Walla’s surrounding landscape?

Both options are yours at the asking price and with the close proximity to downtown Walla Walla and the exciting and growing wine industry now prevalent, your investment will certainly flourish while you become centered on one of the most valuable commodities offered in life, that of property ownership in the long and great history of Walla Walla County agriculture.

This dry land grain farm was planted to CRP 19 years ago with the contract expiring in 2018.  Approximate annual payment of CRP contract is $47,500.00.

Larger parcel may be bid back into CRP for 10 years or farmed.

770 +/- total acres

Parcel one  638.34 +/- acres

Parcel two  50.63 +/- acres

Parcel three  40.23 +/- acres

Parcel four  40.06 +/- acres

Please contact Ben Sinner, (509) 524 – 0400, for additional information.

This information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Map to CRP Development Farm